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Upgrade traditional manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing ability of graft

[Date] 2016-10-18 14:19:19   [Come From]www.powerlinksz.com  

  Autumn, the United States apple new product release, a new generation of apple‘s smartphone iPhone7 series product makes, its strong waterproof performance to become a bright spot, attracting fans ". Guarantees the technology upgrading for iphones, undertake iPhone7 all parts waterproof testing tasks, it is a strong, prosperous technology co., LTD. Is located in suzhou high-tech zone.
  Made in China how to break through, need in the traditional manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing ability of grafting on the search for the correspondency of a realistic, it is intelligent manufacturing can change the extensive foundation of made in China. When a intelligent assembly line, each product from order placement, delivery to the warehouse, assembly, test, production process of every link may at any time control, product yield and equipment dynamic can be in a dynamic synchronous display on a big screen, we see the intelligent manufacturing in the transformation of traditional manufacturing, without effective grafting with the Internet, the traditional manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing conversion speed is beyond people‘s expectations, is implemented with traditional manufacturing from the "sea mode" to "back up" stack effect.
  To the manufacture of the intelligent and composition to automation equipment, Internet of things, cloud computing, cloud storage, such as large data give priority to set up the framework of intelligent manufacturing platform, accelerate the speed of the traditional manufacturing to the evolution of intelligent manufacturing and efficiency. It, at the top level design mechanism to promote the whole, a batch of traditional enterprise decisive aim of intelligent manufacturing, entering the development fast lane. Some traditional manufacturing companies began to build a robot, with robots is seen by the industry as an important symbol of the traditional mode of production. And intelligent manufacture most significant place, can break long plagued the enterprise "hire shortage", "employment difficult" rising Labour costs, such as difficult problem, also can reduce the enterprises break through the traditional risk and cost of manufacture to the wisdom of conversion, can break many enterprises facing more hard constraints such as energy, resources and environment, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of China‘s manufacturing capacity and efficiency, so as to improve China‘s manufacturing from low-end manufacturing to high-end manufacturing turned into speed.
  Efforts in the direction of intelligent manufacturing research and development of traditional manufacturing enterprises on efforts to increase the rate of advance, not only limited to the production of the largest and most complete varieties, the largest sales and export, and many other aspects, and should be in equipment manufacturing and other traditional manufacturing strength, create a more conducive to improve efficiency of projects and opportunities. In numerical control machine tool manufacturing, for example, made in China have relatively strong development ability, how to push it to a higher level of intelligent manufacturing and level, in a good product as the foundation, some companies try to set up a complete set of solutions to the customers, each machine tool manufacturing "information island" connectivity, system integration, to realize the remote control, remote diagnosis and maintenance, to build the digital factory. At the same time, closely follow the world of CNC machine tools made in advanced manufacturing and research and development trends and direction, and that everything is fully proved that the grafting of traditional manufacture to the intelligent transformation, actual it is completely made in China with a self revolution and baptism.
  And traditional manufacture to intelligent propulsion, along with the Internet technical support for the traditional manufacturing and service, many Internet enterprises to actively explore ways of service industrial users, from the external use "engine" of intelligence, ensure the advance of traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing is becoming more and more convenient and efficiency. As cloud computing, Internet of China mobile group of the national research and development center, China mobile r&d center in suzhou and development of products applied in intelligent manufacturing sectors such as sany heavy industry. Last year, ali industrial cloud projects settled in high-tech zone, effectively promote the "cloud" ali and the key to the real docking of traditional manufacture enterprise. And many traditional manufacturing companies benefit from the Internet technical support, more clearly the direction of the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, they are using the Internet sales of enterprise products, reduces the cost of sales, accelerate the speed of logistics and capital turnover, also from a side highlights the traditional manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing in change the way of enterprise production and operation efficiency of grafting on how quickly and efficiently.