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The mainstream of intelligent manufacturing, industrial automation

[Date] 2016-10-18 14:21:52   [Come From]www.powerlinksz.com  

  About the logic of intelligent manufacturing, there are a lot of point of view, including smart manufacturing and rapid response; Intelligent manufacturing and artificial intelligence; Intelligent and automation; Intelligent and replace human; Intelligent manufacturing and knowledge management; Intelligent manufacturing and cloud computing, big data; The necessity of intelligent manufacturing feasibility, etc. To the manufacturing of intelligent logic principle clearly, you must clear the relationship between these concepts.
  Intelligent manufacturing and rapid response
  If the Angle, to select the most suitable for representing the Angle of intelligent manufacturing, there are about two aspects: one is the ICT technology (digital and network), it is means; One is a rapid response, this is the goal. Rapid response as the goal, ICT is one of the means, but also cooperate with software, hardware, organization and business model. But ICT technology at the same time is critical, the iconic means: it is precisely the ICT technology for intelligent manufacturing from the power of the universe - the rapid development of ICT, makes some suggestion on the past conditional into reality.
  ICT technology is how to promote the rapid response? There are several reasons:
  First, you can use the information of realizing the work together. A new information may involve more than one department work (e.g., product design changes). If you can share information, can reduce the serial into parallel and synergy of errors.
  Second, to achieve the reuse of knowledge. A person found knowledge (including the design of the product parts), can be reused by other people, be successors, save the unnecessary development.
  Third, the material resources sharing (economic), reduced the amount of time to obtain resources.
  Fourth, shortening the period of the decision. Fully integrate the information, can let the computer to make scientific decision, rather than to control or team meeting decision, shorten the time of information from perception to perform. In industrial 4.0 system, shortening the period of production organization of decision-making is probably one of the key to success.
  Fifth, improve the work efficiency of the tool. Computer simulation and CAD, allow people to do test in the digital world, thus to improve the efficiency.
  Intelligent manufacturing and artificial intelligence
  Intelligent manufacturing and artificial intelligence have a subtle relationship. We know that artificial intelligence has three schools: originally computer school and cybernetics, physiological school school. School is the closest relations with intelligent manufacturing control theory. Is attention from the moment of cybernetics, information and communication, it attaches importance to the combination of information processing and activities, the perception, decision-making, implementation of comprehensive as (smart) of living organisms and the (traditional) machine with this distinction. Industrial 4.0 CPS is one of the core concepts of cyber physical system, and this concept comes from the cybernetics.
  Intelligent and automation
  We think that intelligence is the extension and development of automation. Traditional intelligent manufacturing and automation and what‘s the difference? One of the important difference is that: the source of the information and greatly expanded the scope of together. Object of cybernetics, often is the machine level, now this is a workshop, factory, enterprise, supply chain, and the world. Cooperative scope has been broadened, and more concern.
  In the past mainly for batch production automation. In the era of intelligent manufacturing, product update speed, small batch, may even to personalized custom products on assembly line. Compared with mass production, production organization and highly complex, difficulty in quality control, cost and energy consumption of a significant rise in May, purchasing and supply pressure. These related new problems must be quickly perception, handle in time. Technically, automated production line in the past, people usually try to put the production of "boundary" fixed down as far as possible, by suppressing interference to ensure the quality, cost and efficiency; The intelligent production line, more emphasis on to deal with the problems in time these distractions.
  At this time, the relevant technology of the intelligent manufacturing, such as large data monitoring, information integration has become "like". However, no matter how, we all hope that unnecessary interference as less as far as possible, less waste of time and resources as far as possible. In this way can the production management as simple as possible and efficient as possible. We found that: if the lean production well, promote the intelligent manufacturing is comparatively easy.
  Intelligent and replace man
  Intelligent first target is often rapid response, rather than replace man. However, instead of people do is also one of the goals, even very important goals. In fact, let the machine instead of human decision-making and execution, is conducive to rapid response and obtain better control effect. So, such as robots, unmanned plant technology, often can promote the development of intelligence. General context, most automation refers to a physical device or the automatic production line, in the era of intelligent manufacturing, at the same time, emphasis on knowledge and data flow of automation.
  To achieve rapid response, in addition to the ICT technology, but also form a complete set of other things. First of all, from the perspective of information awareness, information obtaining, not only in the ICT technology can solve. Quick response, for example, may need for the information users and suppliers. But it will have a business model and regulatory support. Secondly, from the perspective of decision-making, in the foreseeable future, humans will as the main decision makers in many ways, and this will has the full backing of the organization mode. Third, the support of the execution of the decision often need to have a physical device. Fourth, intelligent system improvement and learning to promote, can not do without the participation of people.
  Intelligent manufacturing and cloud computing and big data
  Intelligent manufacturing and cloud computing, big data what relation? The author believes that cloud computing is instrumental, according to the needs of work to configure, big data generally is auxiliary, the main work in the background. They can make intelligent manufacturing system run better, but not necessarily required.
  Intelligent manufacturing and knowledge management
  Intelligent manufacturing and what is the relationship between knowledge management? Intelligent embodies in the process and effect of decision-making; Decision making is to use knowledge to process information, and information is to use data load. Thus, (digital structure and program description) knowledge is indispensable to realize intelligent manufacturing.
  Earlier, when it comes to intelligent manufacturing and lean production, the relationship between latent with the view that intelligent manufacturing required knowledge can be fragmented - the fragmentation, unstructured knowledge of how to manage, is we have to face the challenge.
  The necessity of intelligent manufacturing feasibility
  Promote the intelligent manufacturing has necessity and feasibility. At the social level, labor crisis, aging is an important factor to support the necessity; At the enterprise level, rapid response to market changes is the key factor. Its feasibility is compared with the past, is the result of the development of ICT. However, promote the intelligent manufacturing technology will encounter "glass wall" : for example, research and development design and services to account for the proportion of large enough; The quality of the products to occupy the high ground as much as possible. Without these conditions, the enterprise may first must carry on the transformation, because smart manufacturing can not solve the problem of backward enterprises - like chef doesn‘t solve the problem of do not have enough to eat. Transformation is not only the entrepreneurs, and government. The government needs to create a market, rather than promoting quality health inverse elimination of inferior quality market.
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