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Sea turtles gene of intelligent manufacturing

[Date] 2016-10-18 14:24:30   [Come From]www.powerlinksz.com  

  Manufacturing is the founding of this, and rejuvenating the country, the power base. Development of high-end manufacturing have been up to the national strategic height, many developed countries such as America‘s "industrialization", Germany "industrial 4.0", etc.
  "Made in China 2025" programme of action depicted the blueprint of the manufacturing industry development, in order to realize the strategy of manufacturing power. And in the process, without the figure of sea turtles.
  The economic transformation
  Intelligent manufacturing is indispensable
  China‘s economy is now moving in the "new normal" stage, the labor, raw material cost increasing, resource scarcity, structural reform is imperative. In the reform, the realization of innovation drives, industrial upgrading is the key. From "made in China" to "wisdom made in China" has its inevitability, it is the proposition must face in the current economic development.
  Intelligent manufacturing is not only the economic transformation and upgrading of the results, can greatly improve the efficiency of production, which in turn provides a boost for the transformation and upgrading.
  Gui-lin Yang in mechanical engineering at nanyang technological university PhD, he cultivates all over to the field of mobile platforms. This platform is suitable for the need for precise assembly, accurate positioning and docking, and can greatly improve the efficiency of assembly. It is understood that the traditional of omnidirectional mobile platform usually adopt "big wheel set of small round" of the sliding mode to realize the platform operation, relying on torsion for movement, on the surface of friction force is big, easy to cause damage on the ground, and moved to process is relatively complex, not only low efficiency, also is not so stable. While the omnidirectional mobile platform can do rectilinear motion along any direction without prior to do rotary motion, so more accurate and efficient. When in the narrow space construction, its advantage is more obvious. Gui-lin Yang of omnidirectional mobile platform technology application in the field of logistics handling, only need a small platform, supplemented by a robot arm, can realize the automation of cargo handling.
  In addition to warehousing logistics, omnidirectional mobile platform can also be used in aerospace, rail transportation, weapons and equipment, and other fields. Is understood to have been more and more industries are using omnidirectional mobile platform to realize unmanned operation. In the process of economic transformation and upgrading, the trace of intelligent manufacturing is everywhere.
  High-level talents
  Hai GUI components to be reckoned with
  Talent as a fundamental elements of scientific and technological innovation, is the fundamental power of economic development, is also the powerful engine of innovation drive. Introduce a high-level overseas scientific research personnel, can bring scientific research project, develop a high-tech content; Introduction of an innovative team, it would be possible to cultivate a new economic growth point, even spawned a new industry. Personnel, especially high-level talents, therefore, is of great significance for transformation and upgrading of China‘s manufacturing industry.
  Lv Guangjiang ritsumeikan university in Japan after the robot science and engineering PhD, decided to return home. He specializes in pipeline detection and trenchless repair robots, holds the core research and development technology and realizing industrialization.
  According to his introduction, pipe rack repair is a complex project, involving from detection to repair, and other links. "In the past to detect the location of the damaged pipe rack, either man to drill pipe, or is the use of special spherical stick into detection. Builders can only carry the lamp in the dark crawl in the narrow pipes. Because pipes generally is long, the pipe is complex, unknown, may be in possession of a large number of unidentified object, such as bricks, silt, etc, in the process of detection will have a lot of trouble. And build a long time to work in the pipeline, it is easy to appear anoxic conditions." Lv Guangjiang said.
  This way of testing inefficient and dangerous, but most of the underground pipe gallery restorers working normal. To complete these tasks to the robot is a wise choice. Lv Guangjiang pipe gallery of the robot can easily in the silty mud pipes, and the pipeline internal situation clear imaging and real-time feedback, at the same time also can collect, store related data. His robot has to "five water work" project, national "sponge city" construction and "the new rural construction provides many services."
  Replace with intelligent machines, both can liberate human, cost savings, and can improve the efficiency, it is also the important role of economic transformation and upgrading. Relying on some aspects of scientific research advantage, high-level overseas scientific research talents in after returning to the scientific research achievements provide service for the economic transformation and upgrading.
  Intelligent manufacturing
  Promising a long way to go
  When it comes to "made in China" these four words, most people will think of clothes, shoes and other processed products. This impression once formed, want to change is not happen overnight. In the process of "made in China" to move forward, can realize "created in China" and "wisdom made in China" is very important, the key lies in the core technology of mastery. Nowadays, in many areas of our intelligent manufacturing the initial results, but also slightly too small.
  According to Lv Guangjiang, domestic industry is in a stage of mechanization to automation, while many developed countries have passed this stage, is from the automation to the intelligent transformation. "Domestic most utility tunnel robot companies still need to import some of the key parts, the core technology is not mature and disciplined by others easily. Although our company holds the independent research and development technology, but also faces the problem of insufficient intelligent. Because some of the underground pipe rack for several kilometers, pipeline internal situation was complex. It puts forward higher requirements on pipe rack robot. It should not only in all kinds of precise detection under complicated conditions, records, and to realize intelligent operation, such as repair pipes. Once so much work to do, our robot often feels tired. These extended functions is still learning the ropes around here." Lv Guangjiang said.
  Above this passage reflects the present status of intelligent manufacturing: most of the enterprise is in a stage of technology of imitation, too dependent on foreign technology and equipment, and have the core technology of innovative enterprise is facing a "bottleneck". If only the introduction of foreign technology and equipment, but not for spending on research and development in the technology path ambiguous in emerging industries are likely to cause sunk costs. Once the industrial technological innovation, the prophase investment is difficult to recover, will bring huge risk. Therefore, the enterprise should pay attention to "the combination of production, use", technology innovation as the inner motive power of enterprise development.
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