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Interpretation of intelligent manufacturing and new economic relations

[Date] 2016-10-18 14:28:31   [Come From]www.powerlinksz.com  

Current to a new generation of information and communication technologies and manufacturing integration development as the main characteristics of a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution is pregnant rise around the world, the world of industrial technology and the division of labor pattern deeply revolutionary impact. Intelligent manufacturing as the core content of a new round of global manufacturing change, countries around the world have to speed up the planning and layout, actively participate in the global industry division of labor. "Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period is the manufacturing of the mass transfer efficiency, by the big teams critical period, how to seize the intelligence manufacturing is the core, let the informatization and industrialization depth fusion, create new momentum of economic development, become the important strategy of the economic transformation. To this end, our newspaper editorial department invites experts and research team, to expand the issue. 
At present, our country faces the challenge of the economic structure transformation and upgrading, and catch up with the new technology and new economy booming industrial revolution drives the historic opportunity. If developed countries the development of new economy is the essence of informationization and the depth of the "industrialization", so for China, the development of new economy means the depth of the fusion of industrialization and information, is the further advance of industrialization process, the inherent requirement of the economic structure transformation and upgrading. Intelligent manufacturing as the embodiment of informatization and industrialization depth fusion, for the traditional industrialization momentum, kinetic energy to be converted at the present stage of China, old and new economic growth is of great significance. 
First, the basic understanding of intelligent manufacturing 
In the face of our country‘s industrial powerhouse but not the present situation of the industrial powers, as well as the international financial crisis after the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain, France and other developed countries have put forward the international background of manufacturing industry revitalization planning, in 2015 our country issued "made in China 2025". Manufacturing is founding the base of this, power, and rejuvenating the country. The meaning of "2025" made in China not only from one perspective to understand the industry planning, it should be from the future blueprint for sustainable economic growth in China. "Made in China 2025" is put forward, to speed up the depth of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing integration as the main line, in order to promote the intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, strengthen industrial base ability, promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry, realize the manufacturing from the history of the big teams. In the blueprint for economic growth, intelligent manufacturing as one of the main direction is introduced, it can be seen that the position is very important. 
So-called intelligent manufacturing, intuitively, is based on the artificial intelligence technology and manufacturing technology integration and the formation of a satisfying optimization goal manufacturing system or mode. At the start of intelligent manufacturing is put forward, the content is relatively narrow, the optimization goal is relatively specific, but as a new manufacturing mode appear constantly and information technology development, the connotation of the intelligent manufacturing has gradually been generalized. From the technology base, has shifted from the artificial intelligence development, Internet of things, cloud computing to include large data, such as a new generation of information technology; Look from the manufacturing process, has been extended from simple production and processing link to the product whole life cycle; Look from the level of the manufacturing system, has been from manufacturing equipment unit expanded to include workshop, enterprises, manufacturing supply chain, the whole ecological system; Look from the optimization goal, from the initial implementation without manual intervention to achieve small batch production, to meet the personalized needs of consumers and realizing optimization decision-making, improve production flexibility, improve production efficiency and resource utilization, improve product quality, shorten the manufacturing cycle, reflect the environment friendly and a series of goals. Now intelligent manufacturing, therefore, has been broadly interpreted as based on large data, such as the Internet of things of a new generation of information technology and the integration of the manufacturing technology and autonomy to dynamically to adapt to changes in manufacturing environment, realize from the product design and manufacturing to the whole life cycle of highly efficient of the recycling, the varieties, greening, network, personalization and the optimization goal or patterns of manufacturing systems, including intelligence products, intelligence production, intelligence service and intelligence recycling and extensive content. 
The realization of intelligent manufacturing, the key is to rely on a new generation of information technology system technical support. Now is recognized as a intelligent manufacturing technology is based on information - physical systems (CPS), or called virtual - entity system. In layman‘s terms, this is a can be industrial machine, material, process, people in the physical world, such as via the Internet connected to all kinds of information system effectively in the virtual world of cyberspace system, the system through the full depth perception of the physical world industrial data, real-time dynamic transmission and advanced modeling analysis, network information system and the depth of the entity space integration, real-time interaction, mutual coupling and update each other, thus forming the intelligent decision and control, finally drive the entire intelligent development of manufacturing industry. The system in German industrial 4.0 is called the CPS, and industry in the United States is known as the Internet industry. Industry in the United States, the Internet is the Internet in all areas of industrial, industrial integration of the whole value chain integration application, comprehensive information infrastructure is the key to the support of intelligent manufacturing. With this system can realize self-organization manufacturing process, the coordination, the decisions of autonomous intelligence characteristics of adapt to environmental changes, to satisfy the high complexity, high quality, low cost, low consumption, low pollution, many varieties, such as traditional manufacturing model previously considered contradictory, impossible to achieve a series of optimization at the same time. 
Economics research shows that the international competitiveness and stability of a country‘s economic growth is the key to the ability to create complex product, and intelligent manufacturing is the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing high ground, represents the direction of manufacturing development and the trend of high-level economic structure, determine the ability of a country manufacturing complex product size. Therefore, intelligent manufacture has become in today‘s world competition is the focus of technological innovation and economic development, intelligent manufacturing in the developed countries lead the "industrialization" strategy, China will be intelligent manufacturing as the main attack direction in the "made in China 2025". Intelligent manufacturing in China, of course, the overall level of compared with the world‘s manufacturing power is relatively large, but intelligent manufacturing is a widely used system, including from technology, product, enterprise and industry chain to all aspects of the society as a whole, through scientific planning, efforts to innovation in our country, can gradually realize from dot to line and line to plane, from the surface to the body of the breakthrough, eventually build a manufacturing powerhouse. 
Second, intelligent manufacturing and new economic relations 
In today‘s world is moving into a new round of revolution of science and technology development stage, the disruptive technology constantly emerging, industrialization process accelerating, new forms of industrial organization and business models emerge in endlessly, and new elements, new energy and new mode of economic growth, so the so-called "new economy" to the surface. "New economy" the word itself is not new, in the late 1990 s to the United States at the turn of the century there was a period in information technology and globalization driven by present high growth, low inflation and low unemployment, low fiscal deficit features such as economic development period, is regarded as the "new economy". But after the second half of 2000, with the Internet technology and financial dominant "new economy" bubble finally burst. The root cause is not the Internet this technology and manufacturing together. From manufacturing, just stay in scientific and technological inventions and financial chase but can be mostly derived economic bubble. If at the end of last century the United States is still too early to tell if the "new economy", now due to the rapid development of information technology makes information technology cost greatly reduced, information technology and manufacturing integration step by step and widely used changing social and economic life, now the "new economy" is to follow. 
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