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Intelligent manufacture of the main channel

[Date] 2016-10-18 14:27:39   [Come From]www.powerlinksz.com  

  "The main channel of intelligent manufacturing" is for the sake of rapid response to market, customers and suppliers) and field (manufacturing unit) changes of related technology and business innovation. Among them, the emphasis on the background of rapid response, is strengthened, ICT technology makes perception can capture the change of the past is hard to find. On the basis of scientific decision-making, create greater value. Main channel leads to goal, is to complete the transformation of enterprise.
  Put forward the concept of background is: when people are eager to catch up with the intelligent manufacturing this express, often there are several kinds of phenomena. The first is a "label" : the manufacturing correlation is not big and intelligent, or more inclined to other areas of work made "smart" label on the label. The second is "tumble" : do something of little value, and even don‘t have a value of "high technology". The third one is value big technology are ignored: the reason is too difficult, everyone hide away.
  Put forward the concept of "main channel" for the purpose of, it is clear what is the most should do. If not, then "like" intelligent manufacturing, it is not necessary to make; If within the main channel, should vigorously promote, again big of difficulties to overcome. Emphasize the technology of main channel and reform important, because in the main channel of business model, business process and technological innovation is a systemic, closely related to each other, mutual support the overall goal of intelligent manufacturing.
  Main channel of contents, tend to support different business main body (enterprise, business units, up and down process), the linkage between the not adjacent to the linkage of the equipment, adjacent to the linkage of the equipment are often belongs to the category of automation. , of course, in order to get through the main channel of intelligent, enhance the level of automation is often necessary, automation, intelligent can be incorporated into the main channel.
  For this concept, there are two points: first of all, is for the intelligent manufacturing as the strategic direction of the enterprise, not all companies. Secondly, besides the main channel of technology may not is not important; Do you want to focus on promoting the project, the key is to see the value of the technology itself, it is not necessary and intelligent manufacturing.